credit crunch support

In the current climate of financial uncertainty, good financial planning and responding quickly to financial concerns can reduce the impact that the “credit crunch” has on an individual’s lifestyle and finances.

PPC offers a range of services designed to help people to plan long term financial solutions appropriate to their situation and overcome financial difficulties, enabling them to ensure a healthy financial future.

Online support

PPC’s online information, advice and support resource provides access to fact sheets designed to help individuals improve their financial position. The various resources provide information on some of the most frequently asked questions about money management, such as borrowing money, credit referencing, budgeting and what to do when things go wrong.

Telephone Financial Advice

PPC Telephone Financial Advice service offers employees the opportunity to talk to an FSA regulated, Independent Financial Advisor on the phone and receive completely independent, impartial advice on issues such as private and occupational pensions, investments, tax and borrowing money. Our advisors will point individuals towards the resources that they need to better plan for their financial future and provide individuals with the information to make informed decisions about their finances.

Telephone Debt Advice

For those struggling with financial commitments, PPC provides a specialist debt advice service. Our Debt Advisors will help individuals to review their current situation by examining their financial commitments and spending. They will then explore the options available to improve their financial situation and manage any debts that they may have.

Interactive Webinar

Our 1 ½ hour webinars provide participants with the opportunity to obtain helpful tips and advice on financial planning and budgeting for everyday living in the current climate*. The webinars will be presented by Wayne Austin, a highly respected Independent Financial Advisor with over 18 years’ experience in providing financial advice.

The webinar will offer proactive and preventative approaches for general financial wellbeing along with support and recommendations for debt management. Advice is easy to understand and apply, and will quickly make a real difference to people’s financial situation.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and, if required, book a confidential one to one appointment with Wayne to discuss their own particular situation**.

PPC’s Continued Commitment

PPC is committed to supporting individuals throughout their life and through all of the challenges that they face. When employees face financial uncertainty it can impact on many areas of their life resulting in strained relationships with loved ones, reduced concentration at work and increased levels of stress and absence.

PPC provide services to support individuals to overcome and resolve all of these challenges, such as Telephone Counselling, Face to Face Counselling, Specialist Advice and Personal Coaching.

Seminars and one to one clinics

PPC offer either a full day or half day on-site financial planning service, which consist of a 90min seminar, “The Financial Facts of Life” followed by one-to-one financial clinic sessions.

The seminar, presented by Wayne Austin, will cover such issues as debt, savings, investment and pensions. He will also offer guidance to delegates on understanding financial jargon and what it means to them.

The seminar will then be followed by the opportunity for delegates to book a 20 minute one-to-one session with Wayne, in which they can ask questions that relate to their personal circumstances in a private and confidential environment. This dual format has proved extremely popular, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from past clients and their employees. Roughly four one to one sessions can take place during a half day booking or ten during a full day.

For more detail please download our PPC Seminars and one to one clinics PDF or please contact us

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