Since 1975 our proactive approach to resolving work-life issues, has helped revolutionise the industry and transform thousands of lives.

Employee assistance programmes seek to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff, decrease staff absence and increase retention as well as assist you to meet your duty of care for your staff.

PPC has demonstrated the benefit of prevention over cure, thereby saving our customers time and money that can be lost through absence, mistakes and lack of productivity.

PPC’s Employee assistance programmes are tailored to your individual company needs, but typically would consist of the following elements:

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Telephone Counselling

In-house telephone counselling provides 24/7 access, allowing us to provide immediate support to those that require it.

Information Services

PPC’s telephone information and advice services provide employees with quick and easy access to legal, financial and specialist advice services. These services provide employees with the knowledge they need to effectively resolve their concerns, thus reducing the emotional impact that legal and financial concerns can have.

Face to Face Counselling

Our network of over 5,500 counsellors enables us to provide a comprehensive worldwide counselling service. Our counselling is based on a solution focused approach enabling employees to regain or maintain control of their lives.

Management Support

Offers managers the opportunity to receive impartial, expert advice and guidance focusing on the people side of management.

Online Resource

PPC Online is our web-based information and support resource designed to assist employees and their families with the challenges of daily life. PPC’s dedicated Manager area also provides advice for managers to assist them in dealing with the many awkward or difficult situations that they encounter.

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